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iWorkwell’s members-only website is a state-of-the-art resource (information, tools & services) that improves organizations’ HR practices, lowers management costs and boosts productivity.

iWorkwell is in a class by itself, providing the highest caliber expertise in all things HR … such as talent management, legal compliance, metrics & analytics, HR strategy, staffing, compensation, and benefits (including health care reform) … indeed, everything to do with lowering the risks — and cutting the costs — of attracting, retaining and managing people.

It’s like 24×7 support for managers and (typically lean) HR and Finance staffs, and is an efficient vehicle for keeping them up-to-date to make informed decisions. iWorkwell clients find best practices, resolve personnel problems, implement streamlined procedures, drive consistency throughout the organization, stay compliant with the latest HR laws, and reduce turnover of top talent.

iWorkwell scales to support human resources in all types and sizes of businesses and non-profits — from 3-person startups to the Fortune 500.

Why Choose iWorkwell?

Trusted since 1999, iWorkwell solves HR problems for clients better than anyone else.

Here’s how we’re different, and better:

  1. Most Comprehensive
    You get everything you need, on all topics related to managing people, all in one place.
  2. Highest Quality
    You get the most accurate information and best counsel available.
  3. Most User-friendly
    You save time, and tailor the site to your needs.

Conclusion:  Best Value.

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