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After graduating from Harvard University, I earned my Ph.D. from Oxford University in Management Science with a dissertation on “Managing Corporate Transformations” and worked as a consultant at McKinsey & Company, specializing in change management. When conducting detailed studies of large corporations in various industries, I noticed that HR was often ineffective and a hindrance to organizational change. I then spent the latter 1990s advising and investing in a variety of startups, and found that small firms have no idea how to do anything related to HR, and nowhere to go for affordable, quality help.

In late 1999 I founded iWorkwell to serve this giant un-served market, bringing both academic rigor and practical experience to the world’s largest multi-national corporations as well as to the smallest private firms. Our mission has been the same ever since:

To provide the state-of-the-art resource (information, tools & services) that improves organizations’ HR practices, lowers management costs and boosts productivity.  Being the best, and the best value, has never been good enough. The iWorkwell team has a passion for continuously improving and providing unparalleled excellence in everything we do — the highest quality, totally comprehensive, and most user-friendly service possible.  In brief, “HR Made Easy.”

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Robert Padulo, Ph.D.

Chairman & Founder
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