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Why iWorkwell?

   1: Most Comprehensive

   2: Highest Quality

   3: Most User-friendly

Conclusion: Best Value


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Welcome to iWorkwell...

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We know the business.

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We understand how people and their organizations actually work.

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You’ve got questions; we have the answers.

You’ve got problems; we deliver solutions.

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To understand the big picture, we look deep into

every HR topic to explain the details that matter.

iWorkwell is in a class by itself, providing the highest caliber expertise in all things HR … such as talent management, legal compliance, metrics & analytics, HR strategy, staffing, compensation, and benefits … indeed, everything to do with lowering the risks — and cutting the costs — of attracting, retaining and managing people.

Who: Everyone in executive or managerial positions, HR and Finance – who are hiring & firing, performing appraisals, awarding compensation & benefits, responding to complaints, enforcing company policies, etc.

Why: Keep up-to-date to make informed decisions. Adopt best practices, resolve personnel problems, implement streamlined procedures, drive consistency throughout the organization, stay compliant with the latest HR laws, and reduce turnover of top talent.

iWorkwell scales to support human resources in all types and sizes of businesses and non-profits — from 3-person startups to the Fortune 500.


Attract & retain qualified employees:  Join #1 iWorkwell
Lower HR costs; boost retention, productivity, morale, and more

Benefits Brokers

Boost Revenue:  Provide #1 iWorkwell as an HR value-add
Differentiate your firm, retain existing clients and win new ones

HR Technology Partners

Differentiate Your Product Mix:  Add iWorkwell's #1 web-based HR resource and generate new revenue


Why Choose iWorkwell?  Trusted since 1999

iWorkwell solves HR problems for clients better than anyone else.

Here’s how we’re different, and better:

  1. Most Comprehensive
    You get everything you need, on all topics related to managing people, all in one place.
  2. Highest Quality
    You get the most accurate information and best counsel available.
  3. Most User-friendly
    You save time, and tailor the site to your needs.

Conclusion:  Best Value.

1. Most Comprehensive

You get everything you need, on all topics related to managing people, all in one place.

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8,500+ legal documents
All of the federal & state regulations, forms, posters, notices & instructions, state-by-state comparisons, and Smart Forms & Templates you need (updated daily).


6,000+ professional training courses or programs
Every useful topic, in all mediums & formats (online & interactive, videos for group sessions to complement an in-person trainer/facilitator, and written materials  — exercises, workbooks, PPTs, quizzes & tests), covered in-depth (1/2 – 5 hours per course).


700+ best practice guides
iWorkwell’s proprietary recipe-like articles provide essential details to direct anyone in an executive or managerial role “how to” make each decision and perform each activity — covering all 16 HR topics:

  • Benefits
  • Change Management
  • Compensation
  • Employee Relations
  • HR Admin
  • HR Strategy
  • Labor Relations
  • Leadership, Management & Communication
  • Legal Compliance
  • Metrics & Analytics
  • Safety & Security
  • Social Media
  • Staffing
  • Talent Management
  • Technology & HRIS
  • Workforce Planning

Plus more…
Policies and tools to document compliance, create or update your employee handbook, and much, much more.  iWorkwell really has everything:

Best Practices

iWorkwell Experts

Ask an Expert

HR Around the Web

Background Check

Policy Wizard

My iWorkwell

Professional Training

Alerts & Notifications

Jobs & Salaries

Survey Builder

Compliance Documenter

Regulations & Forms...

Site Search

2. Highest Quality

You get the most accurate information and best counsel available.

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Best people:   The largest number of world-class experts – over 100.
Our network of the nation’s foremost Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) includes talent from 5 of the leading HR consulting firms in the world, 4 of the top 6 U.S. employment & labor law firms, and 3 of the 4 most distinguished academic centers for HR.  iWorkwell offers exceptional expertise in each and every HR topic area.

Best process:  Consensus from multiple experts.
All iWorkwell content produced by our SMEs goes through a quality-control process involving a 6-9 person peer review (by specialists in that specific topic) — ensuring you get the best counsel available.

iWorkwell already has over 100 SMEs — stars in their respective fields — and we continually expand our network of experts.

3. Most User-friendly

You save time, and tailor the site to your needs.

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Intuitive design

High usability — well organized with clear navigation, instructions, labeling and layout.

Superior search

Results organized, with preview information, to easily find whatever you need.

Anywhere Access

Responsive technology automatically adjusts to the size & shape of your browser window on any desktop or mobile device.

Updates highlighted

"Timely Topics," "Updated in the Past 4 Weeks," and "Most Popular" content listed on homepage, front and center.

Customizable experience:

  • Adjustable access levels allow you to easily customize access for specific individuals or for different types or groups of employees.
  • Account personalization for each user.  You choose your priority content (e.g., My States; My States Recent; My Policies; My Favorites; and “HR Around the Web” personal news-clipping service).
  • Personal Alerts keep you up-to-date.  You choose the HR topics, regulations, forms, website sections or specific US states you care about and we’ll automatically notify you (via email or on the site) of any relevant additions or updates.
  • Policy Wizard provides recommended text and guides you through the process of tailoring each policy to your organization, in order to suit your workforce, culture, size, industry and location. Thereafter, iWorkwell retains your custom-made employee handbook online and notifies you automatically (via email or on the site) whenever iWorkwell updates language of any policy you included.
  • Unique domain name + co-branded website (e.g., www.ABCcorp.iworkwell.com) with the ability for content to be customized for your firm.

Conclusion: Best Value.

  • Retail: Pennies per working hour.  20-30 times less than using a lawyer, outsourcing, or hiring even one HR professional.  For over 99% of US companies, a corporate subscription costs less than hiring an additional employee for a year, even at minimum wage.
  • Partners: Volume discounts — pennies PE-PM.
  • Multi-year discounts.
  • Unlimited users per client.  Only iWorkwell provides personalized individual accounts … for all employees.
  • Best in the business, since 1999.  We’re the first company of our kind; we continue to innovate; and we’re still in a class by ourselves.


"iWorkwell is superior from several different vantage points.... This is fabulous. The sheer amount of time it will save you.... I'm blown away."

David Lacey, Ph.D.
VP HR Biz. Dev. at VIST Insurance  
Former Hay Group consultant

"Wow. iWorkwell was impressive... But now it is off the charts... It has grown into a truly amazing online HR and compliance tool."

John Sheppard
VP Product Management at SHPS  

"Having worked with over 300 organizations of all types to help them determine the most effective and efficient [Human Capital Management] delivery model, our clients see great value in iWorkwell. Due to its flexibility, usability and extensiveness, the solution can be tailored to help virtually every organization of any size. We highly recommend it."

Bill Larkin
Principal at Executive Alliance  

"iWorkwell is the cream of the crop."

Craig Gandy
Regional Manager at Rogers Benefit Group

iWorkwell is not only the best…

  1. Highest Quality.
  2. Most Comprehensive.
  3. Most User-friendly.

…It’s clearly the best value.

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