SME Job Description

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

to write/edit instructional articles

Job description:
iWorkwell is always looking for expert HR professionals/consultants/academics and employment or labor attorneys with deep expertise in any area of HR (i.e., all topics related to managing people) to write/edit instructional articles that are action oriented, include checklists, and help the reader complete the task.

  • Write new articles following agreed-upon outlines.
  • Revise iWorkwell’s existing articles, to ensure they are up-to-date, comprehensive and accurate, and of the highest standard.

In either case, you will exercise knowledge/judgment about the content, but not need to agonize over the style/word-smithing. Separate technical writers and copy-editors will perform stylistic editing (but not change the meaning) with Word’s “Track Changes” turned on. Someone else will then post the article on the live website.


Profile of the successful iWorkwell SME:

  1. In-depth HR knowledge — usually 10-20 years in the field, at least some of which includes real world practical experience in a for-profit business — in one or more HR disciplines.
  2. Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience with professional certification. Many iWorkwell contributors have advanced degrees.
  3. Proven ability to write business-style communications accurately, clearly and succinctly. SMEs generate outlines or follow agreed-upon article outlines to produce 1,500-3,500 word instructional articles on a specific topic.
  4. Proficiency in Microsoft Word, especially “Track Changes” features.
  5. Responsive re availability to accept assignments and meet turnaround times (typically 5-7 days).


Like all other members of our network of experts, you will be compensated as a contractor-consultant on the following basis:

    • $195. Your stellar article provides the best guidance and most current information available on the topic. It required little or no subsequent modification.
    • $155. You wrote the article from scratch, or completely rewrote it from existing articles or drafts. It was a substantial, tangible improvement (e.g., providing clearer explanation, new insight or critical information on the topic), and required moderate subsequent modification.
    • $115. You wrote the article from scratch, or completely rewrote it from existing articles or drafts. It was current and thorough, but required considerable subsequent modification.
    • $75. You updated and improved the article by heavily rewriting some section(s), retaining the framework and much of the content of an earlier version.
    • $50. You reviewed the article for accuracy and completeness, and made some minor improvements.
    • $20. You reviewed the article for accuracy and completeness, verified it was already really good, and made little or no improvements.
    • BONUS 1: Extra 20% for unusually difficult topics and/or very complex articles.
    • BONUS 2: Extra 10% for submitting article on or before the deadline.

          • If you do a “stellar” job ($195),
          • on a complex article (Bonus 1: $195 x 0.20 = $39),
          • before the deadline (Bonus 2: extra 10%),
          You will earn ($195 + $39) x 1.10 => $257.40


To apply:
Please fill out the following online questionnaire at: 

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